Use Family Social Network Sites To Restore Contact With Loved Ones

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All of us have an issue of losing contact with a family member or the other over the years thanks to lack of communication and the fact that we have just been busy with our own lives. This obviously requires our attention and what better way to go about it than take help of family social network sites.

The many advantages of the internet when it comes to helping us communicate, get entertained, conduct financial transactions and a host of other applications are well known. Of late however, the popularity of social network sites, blogging and the ease with which you can form communities online has caught the imagination of many individuals. The penetration of the internet and easy accessibility is enabling people to reestablish lost contact with their loved ones with the help of such family social network sites.

So if you have missed out in catching up with some of the family members whom you have lost touch with, do not despair. You can always start your plans for a big family get together right away and take the help of some of the paid sites to do so. You will agree that it is definitely worth the price you pay in order to get reunited with some out of touch family members. All of us have a responsibility towards our children to ensure that they are aware of the family roots and there is no better way to do it than getting a family reunion arranged. There they can meet up with cousins and other relatives whom they have not seen at all.

Some of the ways you can go about it are as under:

a) You can motivate your children to start by becoming pen-pals with distant cousins and learn more about each other.

b) Get a family tree done. This is the best way to explain to your children the links they have with other members of the family. You can also make use of various snaps of relatives and make them a part of the tree for better recall amongst the smaller members of your family.

c) Encourage your kids to record things on a journal or scrap book. Explain the importance of recording such events and how the journal can be of great help to them as well as other members of the family in the future.

d) Share information you are already aware of about any of your family members with your children and let them discover more facets about it through creatively designed games. This information could be in the form of a photograph, some artifacts used and so on. Similarly, involve stuff that your kids are currently involved in as well and ask them to preserve it for future generations to find out more.

e) Expose your children to old family sites, even graveyard memorials for them to understand more about the special relationships you as well as your parents have had with out of touch family members.

The above steps need to be supplemented with appropriate use of family social network sites that enable communication, exchange of photographs and sharing of information to ensure that you have a rollicking family reunion the next time around.
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Use Family Social Network Sites To Restore Contact With Loved Ones

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This article was published on 2011/01/19