How to Avoid Family Conflicts During Holiday Seasons

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The holiday seasons is approaching… this is a great time for family gatherings. It is fun and it helps family members to get to know one another. It is also a great way to build and nurture good relationship among family members.

Family gatherings can bring you and your family many cherished memories. However, there are often challenges when extended families get together.

Perhaps you or other family members have conflicts. Maybe there is a family member or friend that you simply don’t get along with. Whatever the reason, there are ways to minimize conflicts so that everyone can enjoy the holidays.

So, in this article we will share with you some tips you can use to stay out from quarrels and unwanted conflicts during the gathering session:

1. Make peace. If you have some unresolved issue with some of your family member, make it a commitment to put the issues or problems on hold. Don’t talk about it during the holidays, just put aside those negative feelings for now so that everyone can enjoy the gathering and holidays. Please don’t bring up your problems during the reunion and ruin the day for everybody.

2. Remember the good times. If one particular person is a challenge, try focusing on the good times. Maybe you have known this person your whole life. Surely there are good memories that you can focus on instead of the ones that are causing you trouble. It is tough to be the bigger person, but in the end, you will feel better.

3. Focus on the positive things. This is a very powerful approach, when you focus on the positive stuff, you are injecting good things to your mind. This can give you a cool head to look at the problem from a bigger perspective. We strongly believe that this is a very powerful approach because it can really help you focus and find a win-win solution.

4. Come to a quiet resolution. If you simply cannot put a challenge aside, deal with the conflict one on one and with a cool head. Remember there is a greater good, and you won’t be the one that goes down in history for starting a scene during that reunion or get-together. Just make sure that you don’t start the conflict in front of other family members. Remember there are young children around. Make sure you set good examples for your children.

5. Stay away from arguments. If there are family members involved in some arguments, please do not join them or take side. It is a “BIG NO-NO” to take side because it will immediately drag you into the conflict. So, stay out! Let others resolve their own problems.

6. Take a breather. If things start to get too heated for your tastes, temporarily remove yourself from the situation. You can take the dog outside for a walk or play with the little ones. It may be just what you need in order to clear your head and calm down. Decide to put aside your differences until the end of the party, or work out your problem in a way that doesn’t involve fighting.

7. Stay out of sensitive topics or discussions like religions or politics. People can easily get into very heated argument on sensitive topics. They can argue until the cows come home and still have no resolution. So, make sure you avoid them! If someone bring up sensitive subject, try to change the subject before the matter escalates into some heated arguments.

Good and healthy relationships among family members are perhaps one of the most precious quality of our life, so why not focus on making good and solid bonds with all your family members during this special holiday seasons rather than crossing each other path with negative feelings.

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How to Avoid Family Conflicts During Holiday Seasons

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This article was published on 2010/11/03