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Family portraits can be made creative and interesting as possible. One has to give some time and thought to the process of clicking photos rather than for arranging photos. Get clicked with your family members would be a wonderful experience, if you have an idea or planning that works well.

The first thing is to dress up well for portrait. From older people to kids, all should have to dress carefully and consciously to get good snaps. If there is lighter background, then one of the best ideas to make the family picture pleasing in appearance is to position the subjects against a nice background, preferably trees. Frames can also be created for backgrounds to appear pleasant.
One should try to shoot the picture from different levels and through different angles, because shooting from the same relative level of the subject becomes boring at times and one should look for innovative ideas to click photos. Shooting in black and white pictures for a change is also a good idea. The same photograph which is clicked in color can give a completely different outlook in black and white. Using different themes can be a creative idea for family portrait. The dressing could be changed as per the different time periods like sixties theme or seventies theme would allow everyone to dress in the attire of that period and help in creating a memorable family portrait.
Other things include the position in which the family members stand like positioning in different planes enhances the image appearance. The subject in the portrait can form triangular shape that can be achieved by objective. Also the tone and the color of the dresses should be same or compatible.
The attire or clothing is an important aspect to consider in family portraits like for backgrounds with dark shades or medium to dark shaded clothes are highly recommended. Similarly, light shaded clothes look good on lighter backgrounds and achieving harmony in terms of colors that is the essence of creating great family portraits. The tone of clothes needs to be consistent for all the members who are going to occupy the frame. The clothes should either be lighter or darker in tone than the background color so that the portrait will look good in resemblance to color contrasting. It would be disturbing to find a single person wearing red amongst the 'white' members, therefore, the gray, blue, brown, green and earthy colors are recommended for the portraits to appear pleasing. Traditional clothes are the best suited on family members for family portraits.
Photography during special occasions is a great way to create an excellent photo as one can find the people more happy and colorful during these festivals because of the reunion with the family members. Shopping malls are wonderfully decorated during occasions like Christmas, so clicking photos here with your family members can be a good idea as it will give beautiful background like Xmas tree, balloons and ribbons, Santa Claus and so on.
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Family Portrait Ideas

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This article was published on 2011/01/09