Doing Sports With Your Family Members

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Do you have this moment when you feel that you can not be happier? Is this the moment when you have been promoted? Is this the moment when you have bought the shoes that you want so much? As to me, when I am staying with my family members, I feel very happy. Sometimes, to stay with them is enough to make you feel happy. So in my opinion, when the Thanksgiving Day is coming, the best thanksgiving gift for your family member is to spend more time with them.

Never use such excuse as I am too occupied in my job to have enough time to stay with my family members. As far as I am concerned, the family members are the most important persons to you, with whom you can share our failure and unhappiness while not feeling embarrass. What is more, they can help you to calm down, figure out the situation and finally find out the solution. Meanwhile, you can also share your happiness with family members and they can be happier than you are. You will feel happier to have someone to share your happiness and be more proud of yourself.

I am sure that the happiest moments are the time when I am with my family members. What is more, all of us have a lot fun when we are doing sports together, playing hockey, footballs or basketballs. When we are doing those sports together, we can cooperate with each other. Sometimes, we even try to try to fun of each other, which makes us feel closer with each other while we will never feel annoyed. Sometimes, I will go climbing with my family members. It is like setting the top as a goal, and all of us try to help each other, to encourage each other. We really feel proud of ourselves when we reach the top. From time to time, we will go camping, which is tons of fun. On one hand, we can get rid of the noisy and depressed urban life and go to a much more quite place to enjoy the natural beauty. This can be an excellent way to slow our pace and release ourselves. On the other hand, we will also feel more freely to talk with each other at the atmosphere of the beautiful natural scenery. In a word, it can be a lot of fun to stay with family members.
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Doing Sports With Your Family Members

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This article was published on 2010/10/09